Payforworks fees structure

Fees structure for freelancer

Basic subscription

It is free to sign up to the platform and post a job. For sign-ups and posting jobs, Payforworks does not charge. However, there are some fees.

Each month, freelancers with basic membership earn 15 credits. 1 credit is required to send a proposal. You can buy extra credits either by upgrading to a premium membership or by purchasing the credits themselves.

Pro subscription

Freelancers can upgrade the profile at any time as a Pro member, and they can cancel the membership at any time. You can pay as a one-time membership fee or recurring membership that get renewed every 30 days. Freelancer accounts with premium membership rates of £ 15 a month (one-time payment) and £ 12 a month for an annual subscription and £ 100 per year (one-time payment).

Credits purchase

Freelancers can purchase the platform's extra credits. The remaining credits of the purchased ones will be rolled back to next month.

Please find the credits purchase fees structure.


Fees for Freelancers

As a commission, Payforworks will deduct 7.5% of the payment that the client sends to freelancer for any job. This will be cut off before the payment is made to your wallet.

Fees structure for clients

Fees for clients

Payforworks doesn’t charge clients for posting jobs. But there is a fee of 3.5% fee for any deposit you make or any invoice you pay.

Featured and urgent fee for jobs

Posting a job is free, but there will be a fee of £10 if you want to mark the job as featured or urgent. And for the skilled, there will be a fee of £40.