How to send a proposal

Freelancer accounts are credited with a 15 credit on their free registration and 40 credits if they upgrade to premium membership. When you send a proposal for each task, 1 credit will be deducted.

  1. In the main navigation menu, click Find jobs bidding
  2. You can refine the jobs according to your job category. bidding
  3. Click on SEND PROPOSAL when you finds the job according to your need. bidding
  4. Enter the *details of your proposal with the total cost/hourly rate required to complete the project and specify the deposit you need to start the project. bidding

*While you write a proposal, keep these points in mind.

  1. a. Make your proposals brief
    Make the proposals short. Long and lengthy proposals won’t convince anyone and no one will find time to read them.
  2. b. Attract the clients
    You have to capture the client's attention within a few seconds. So, whatever you write must be clear. You need to convey everything in the first two or three lines.
  3. c. Be aware of your own skills
    Before you send a proposal, you should think about your strengths and specify those skills in a few words.