What is a perfect profile?

Completing your profile will benefit you in a number of ways. This provides clients with the information they need and also lets you get more work.

Choose the right profile photo

Select a good profile picture. It helps to attract the clients and make you stand out of the crowd. While selecting the profile photo make sure your photo is clear and simple. Simplify your background and focus on your face. You can also add a cover photo to highlight and to make your profile outstanding.

Use your portfolio

Your portfolio can draw the attention of the client. To showcase your skills and the quality of the work. Choose the pieces that reflect your potential and specialization.

Add your name

You can add your first name and last name to your profile. The clients will be checking your profile with the name you give. So give the name and the last name correctly.

Highlight your proficiency

One of the most powerful tools is highlighting your expertise. When a client is searching for a profile, the first thing the client sees is your title.

Give a brief about you

Knowing about you might help the clients to get attracted more. You can brief about you in a small paragraph. Here you can add your employment history, your work experience, educational details and certifications. This can help clients understand your background and your employment history as well. You also have an option to add your address and location in your profile.

Mention your hourly rate and category

When a client searches your profile, they will also check for your hourly rate. Mentioning the hourly rate is also an important part of the profile you make. You have to add your category also.It helps the clients to understand your field and assign the projects accordingly.

Showcase your skills

Payforwork gives you the list of many standardized skills which helps you identify your strengths and helps you connect with relevant projects. Showcasing your skills also help clients find you more easily.

Set availability

You can set your availability as busy or as available.